Announcing Klipfolio Integration

How is this for double-cheese pizza – we have teamed up with the guys at Klipfolio! So what the heck is Klipfolio you ask?

Imagine this scenario. You’re in marketing, and you want answers to questions like, “which advertising channels are generating the most revenue?”. You want a way to see all your business metrics in one place – to be able to check in and monitor the health of your business, spot correlations and work to optimize them.

Well, Klipfolio is a cloud-based dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business centric dashboards.

Best of all, Klipfolio plays nicely with hundreds of popular data services including Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor and Salesforce to name just a few.

Okay that sounds cool, but what kind of dashboards can you build with Klipfolio?

There is really no end to the types of dashboards that you can build with Klipfolio. Whether you want to build a marketing dashboard so you can see the ROI on marketing spend or put together a sales dashboard so you can track how your sales team is performing – Klipfolio makes integrating different sources of data easy.

Klipfolio gives you real-time visibility and lets you connect hundreds of data sources both online and offline to create the ultimate dashboard. And connecting data sources and configuring dashboards is a matter of a few clicks.

Digital Marketing Dashboards

As an executive or company owner, you want to see a wide range of metrics across heaps of different channels such as email, social media, display advertising and organic.


Using Klipfolio, you can connect data services together like Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter and generate an executive dashboard like the one demonstrated above.

Sales Dashboards

As a sales focused business, you want to know the state of current opportunities, leads and prospects. A dashboard like the one below provides a regional view as well as overall projected growth, useful stuff!


We’ve provided just a couple examples of a potentially limitless number of different dashboard configurations. Next, we’ll show you how Klipfolio and AskNicely place nicely together.

Klipfolio- AskNicely

By integrating AskNicely with Klipfolio you’re able to monitor, measure and improve NPS in real-time. Below is a demonstration of a customer satisfaction dashboard which you could create to monitor your NPS.


The biggest benefit of integrating AskNicely and Klipfolio is being able to track and compare NPS data with metrics like customer referral rate, churn, and expansions all in real-time!

Take the table below. We’ve sat NPS alongside customer referral rate metrics for today and over the last 30 days. This data helps to connect what customers are saying and what they actually do.


Klipfolio promotion for AskNicely customers

To commemorate the launch of the Klipfolio-AskNicely integration, Klipfolio has generously offered AskNicely customers 25% off their first 6 months of any tier plan. To redeem this offer, customers should email and use the promo code: AskNicely.


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