Real time Net Promoter Score with Intercom

Intercom is a fantastic tool for managing customer communications in super clever ways – we love using it for AskNicely.

Now, with the AskNicely Intercom integration for NPS, you can extend automate a real time Net Promoter Score process:

Automatically trigger AskNicely NPS surveys to your customers based on Intercom events

We can send surveys to all your Intercom contacts or a single Intercom “segment”. This is useful if you want to trigger a survey off a specific event. (How to create Segments)

Update the Intercom contact record in real time

We store the NPS Score and create a new event called NPS_Response so you can filter customers based on the time of their last response create smart auto messaging.



We store the customer’s comment as a note.


And tag users with either NPS Detractor/Passive/Promoter


Use Intercom to manage follow up communications

With Intercom’s powerful messaging capability, you can automate replies based on their NPS response like:

  • Thanking Promoters for their support
  • Asking Promoters to leave a review on Yelp, Facebook etc.
  • Segmenting marketing messages based on whether they’re a Promoter or detractor

You’ll be up and running in under 10 minutes – here’s how..

1. Configure Intercom settings

  • Get your API keys (“APP ID” and “API KEY”) from Intercom (click on the cog icon top right > Settings for [your business] > Api Keys. Create a new Api Key.)
  • Add your APP ID and API KEY to AskNicely (hit the ‘Settings’ cog icon top right > Intercom)
  • Choose which Intercom contacts you want to send surveys to (select “Do not import” if you are triggering surveys by a different means and just want to send the response data to Intercom)
  • Choose custom fields to send to AskNicely (to help analyze NPS feedback and scores).
  • Hit ‘Update’

2. Configure Sending Rules

  • Setup a Daily Schedule on the ‘Send’ page to drip your surveys out each day. You can control how many survey emails per day, days of the week to send and time.
  • Set how many days to wait before re-surveying a contact (90 days is common)
  • If you don’t want to survey customers when they’ve just joined, set a delay

3. Automate responses from Intercom

To create a new Auto Message, target the tag “NPS Promoter”. Then, filter based on the event NPS-Response to find people that responded, say, 1 day ago.



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