Turning customer activity into your most powerful marketing tool with Intercom and AskNicely

SaaS business have a golden opportunity they need to take advantage of: It’s easier for them to understand customer behaviour and use that to drive growth than in any other industry. We wanted to bring NPS® into Intercom to help them maximise that opportunity.

We knew there were some unique challenges and opportunities for SaaS businesses and being in the industry ourselves, wanted to come up with a solution that was particularly tailored to meet the needs of these companies. Now of course, AskNicely is used by a massive range of businesses from power companies to airlines, but we still have a real sweet spot for the SaaS industry and that’s what I want to talk about.

Like many other SaaS businesses, we use Intercom heavily with our own product, so building an integration between AskNicely and Intercom was an early step for us. This wasn’t just about creating a handy utility for our own business or trying to jump on the success of Intercom though. We see the combination of AskNicely and Intercom as the opportunity to create the ultimate setup for SaaS businesses to collect customer feedback.

What’s so special about SaaS?

With most SaaS companies operating on a recurring subscription model, there are some very defined risk points for customers: Every renewal period is a risk, whether your business uses a monthly, annual or other renewal. But it’s also an opportunity because with any renewal, there is often the chance to up-sell or increase a customer’s product knowledge. And it’s thanks to the integration between Intercom and AskNicely that we can identify those touch points and stages in a customer’s lifecycle and then use AskNicely to act on them and collect feedback.

Intercom - segmentation

Creating segments to identify recently signed up customers within Intercom.

With Intercom’s ability to identify user behavior, SaaS businesses are able to gather very detailed information about what their customers are doing and when – they can identify key behaviors in the product, like level of use, number of logins or views of the pricing page. All of this gives some valuable customer data, but not quite the whole picture…

This is of course, where we come in – we know that by identifying some of those key indicators, you can find customers that may be at risk or may be keen to upgrade and often by simply asking them, you can get a better idea of which end they are at.

Keeping your finger on the customer pulse of your software

So how do we do this? By using those triggers within the product to send an NPS® (Net Promoter Score) survey – a super simple one question email to your customer “how likely are you to recommend (your product name) to a friend” with a 0-10 response and an option for additional feedback afterwards. This is far more effective than the 10 question surveys I see so many other developers sending out – I’m sorry, but all the detail in the world is no good if only 2% of your audience fill the survey out.

AskNicely email - 0-10 NPS rating

A super simple NPS® survey sent out by AskNicely – our emails generate a 38% response rate!

This is where it gets really good: By collecting this very simple feedback at key points, you are able to build an overall NPS® score which gives you the ability to identify not only individual customers who need attention, but to get a sense of the overall health of the business, or a segment of your customer base. And that’s where Intercom comes in.

Intercom + AskNicely

Like so many other tech companies, we use Intercom ourselves to gain insight into what our customers are doing within our product so we knew it was top on our list of tools we had to integrate with. Not only does it make it really easy to capture those interesting moments within the customer’s lifecycle at which to trigger a survey, it also gives you the ability to tag survey responses with customer’s segment such as which plan they’re on, or features they use within your product. And that’s what makes this a really powerful partnership in my mind.

You see, overall company NPS® on its own is great, but in a fast growing business you have to make decisions quickly and you have to be super smart with money (I know I’m not telling you anything new here!). If you only have X number of team hours a week to spend on product development, you want to put that into the areas that are going to give you the most reward. And with the sort of insight that you get with the data that comes out of Intercom combined with AskNicely you can do that. And of course, your team can see it all within Intercom (because I know we all have way too many different logins already!).

Of course, collecting data is an important piece of the puzzle and one of the strengths of our integration, but the second part is acting on that data. Use the individual NPS® scores which are automatically pulled back into Intercom to segment customers, trigger alerts to staff and put customers into targeted communication and nurture tracks. This helps you turn at risk customers into opportunities and fans into true promoters with minimal additional input from your team – valuable at any stage of a high growth business.

NPS tags in Intercom Auto message - Intercom

I’ve always been a fan of “eating our own dog food” so to speak and we’re super excited to see so many of our customers using the same combination of products we did to get our business cranking. This is particularly true when it comes to Intercom – it’s been a valuable tool for us in helping grow our business and we’re looking forward to seeing even more customers using the Intercom + AskNicely integration.


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