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Collect Feedback

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    One Touch Surveys

    The gold standard for NPS, as pioneered by Uber and Amazon.

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    Survey Branching Logic

    Ask follow-on questions based on NPS score.

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    Fully Configurable

    Easily create surveys with your wording, your logos and your colors.

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    Your Domain

    Email surveys from your chosen domain and email address.

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    Multi-Language, Multi-Brand

    Send surveys for different brands, in multiple languages.

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    One Click Integration

    Connect AskNicely with your CRM or HelpDesk software without any coding.

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    Regular Sampling

    Set AskNicely to automatically survey a sample of the customers in your CRM every month.

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    Triggered Delivery

    Set AskNicely to automatically survey customers after specific events. Fatigue Protection prevents over-surveying.

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    Fast Survey

    Simply upload a list of email addresses directly into AskNicely for quickest results.

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Traditionally, satisfaction surveys are sent out once a year to all cruise line customers. Because the survey tool is standalone the survey doesn’t just ask how the customer’s cruise was, it also asks what cruise they were on! Response rates are poor, and feedback is old. With AskNicely Triggered-Delivery a one touch NPS survey can be automatically sent to all customers a week after they arrive home from their trip, while the experience is fresh. There is no need to ask any demographic questions (or what cruise they were on!), as the CRM already has that data. Response rates are through the roof.

engagewhite Engage the Business

Engage the Business

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    Live Reports

    Access up to minute NPS results with online dashboards, instant alerts and weekly email reports.

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    Real-Time Leaderboards

    Rank your best segments, channels, products and agents to instantly see which business areas are creating promoters and which are creating detractors.

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    Advanced Filtering

    Segment NPS results by any field in your CRM or HelpDesk software that is associated with the customer record. Anything!

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    Time-Based Charting

    Track NPS over time to see the impact of specific marketing and other activities on customer intent.

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    Publish to Dashboards

    Automatically post scores to dashboards within Salesforce or other CRMs, as well as to KPI dashboards like Klipfolio or Geckoboard.

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    Text Analytics

    Intelligently analyze and summarize text comments into Theme Buckets to identify common factors amongst promoters or detractors.

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    Lifetime Data Archive

    Securely store all collected feedback in AskNicely for as long as you want.

Using their old survey software an cruise line client would get NPS survey response rates in the single figures, and they only ever heard from disgruntled customers! With AskNicely’s high response rates they suddenly started getting plenty of feedback from neutrals and promoters as well. Using AskNicely’s Text Analytics they were able to identify which factors turned customers into fans. They found that promoters were most likely to mention a positive check-in experience in their comments. To more deeply engage the business they split NPS by port of embarkation and displayed regional leaderboards to check-in staff at different ports. Staff can see the real-time impact of their work on customer advocacy, and a healthy team rivalry has developed.

closeloopwhite Close the Loop

Close the Loop

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    Immediate Action

    Respond to customer feedback directly, either from inside AskNicely, or from your own CRM or HelpDesk software. Route escalations automatically via email or Slack.

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    One-Click Testimonials

    One click workflow to request permission and publish positive comments to your website. See it in action!

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    Social Influence

    See which social networks your customers use and their follower counts.

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    Automated Responses

    Create rules either in your CRM in or in AskNicely to deal with responses to feedback categories automatically and at scale.

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    Ratings Request

    Automatically request reviews on Google Reviews (or Yelp, TrustPilot and more) from your promoters.

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    NPS Targeted Marketing

    Target ads (and remarketing) to customers in Facebook and Google based on whether they are a promoter, detractor or neutral.

By understanding which customers in their Salesforce instance were promoters and which were detractors the cruise line was able to target direct marketing activity. Detractors who had experienced a disrupted cruise were immediately sent an apology note with an explanation for the disruption. On the flipside, using AskNicely’s NPS Targeted Marketing features the cruise line was able to target specific sharable FaceBook holiday offers only to customers that they knew were promoters.

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