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Love and Appreciation

Happy Valentine’s Day! That, like love itself, can have different meanings for different people.  He...

Customer Advocacy

Building a referral program in Salesforce

One of the best ways to engage with your happiest customers is to invite them to refer a friend or c...

Customer Advocacy

Building referral programs in HubSpot

One of the key business values of AskNicely is the ability to identify your happiest customers and t...

NPS for Beginners

WTF is NPS??!! A (very) quick intro.

Struggling to get your head around NPS and how to use it to really grow your business? Have you hear...

NPS Karate

NPS Black Belt Guide – Yellow Belt: Plan your attack*

(don’t just leap in) *you should think of NPS as a way to lovingly embrace your customer rather than...

NPS Karate

NPS Black Belt Guide – White Belt: Taking on your boss

(developing executive buy-in) In the last post, we took a look at what NPS is and why you need to pa...

NPS for Beginners

What is NPS and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Customers who aren’t satisfied leave...And there are only so many customers you can lose before your...

Customer Experience

Why NPS is a more important metric than revenue

You have finally got a pitch meeting with investors. They stare over the table at you, and ask “So, ...


Automate NPS Surveys in Hubspot

Because happy customers really are your best marketing tool. Gathering customer feedback in real-tim...


AskNicely and Zapier – because MORE is more when it comes to NPS.

So, you probably know by now that NPS is a great way to measure customer happiness (we do mention it...


Come and meet the AskNicely team at SaaStr!

The team are all setup here at the SaaStr conference here in San Francisco – make sure you stop by a...


Turning customer activity into your most powerful marketing tool with Intercom and AskNicely

SaaS business have a golden opportunity they need to take advantage of: It’s easier for them to unde...

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