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Customer Advocacy

Building a referral program in Salesforce

One of the best ways to engage with your happiest customers is to invite them to refer a friend or c...

Customer Advocacy

Top 3 Ways to Turn Customer Feedback into Customer Advocacy

Positive word-of-mouth, customers and clients who advocate for your products and services, customers...

Customer Advocacy

Ask Abby Nicely: How Can I Leverage My NPS Promoters?

Turning NPS Promoters Into Proactive Advocates Dear Abby, How can I leverage my NPS Promoters and th...

Customer Advocacy

The Golden Rule For Growth: Be Nice

Business survival and success are inextricably connected to growth. This makes finding new avenues t...

Customer Advocacy

Building referral programs in HubSpot

One of the key business values of AskNicely is the ability to identify your happiest customers and t...

Customer Advocacy

The not-so-secret to getting reviews and referrals

One of the very first things you learn in Marketing School(tm) is that happy customers are awesome. ...

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