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AskNicely NPS Software Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

AskNicely, Inc. announces its NPS software — the perennial #1 recommended software for Customer Feed...


AskNicely Levels Up Salesforce Marketing Cloud NPS Capabilities

Activate your Customer Marketing Wonder Twin powers with Marketing Cloud NPS  You may remember the W...


AskNicely NPS for Intercom Messenger

Brands that are serious about improving customer experience are those that put engagement and feedba...


You Can Now Tag Your Teammates in AskNicely

When it comes to delivering amazing customer experiences, timing is everything. We now live in the a...


New Feature Round-Up – November 2017

The AskNicely development team, now numbering a dozen innovative minds, is constantly delivering new...


How to launch NPS nicely

Not all software launches are created equal. On one end of the scale are the simple launches. You kn...


Your Five-Minute NPS Implementation Plan

NPS in 5 minutes? Sounds great! What’s the catch? No catch! Also no free steak knives! Sorry. :\ One...


My Boss Asked me to Find an NPS Tool. Now What? | Ask Abby Nicely

Introducing an all-new weekly series where customer success manager Abby Castro answers your most pr...


NPS streaming live to a small screen near you

“The AskNicely app has been one of the most exciting additions to our customer toolkit this year ena...


Automate NPS Surveys in Hubspot

Because happy customers really are your best marketing tool. Gathering customer feedback in real-tim...


AskNicely and Zapier – because MORE is more when it comes to NPS.

So, you probably know by now that NPS is a great way to measure customer happiness (we do mention it...


Turning customer activity into your most powerful marketing tool with Intercom and AskNicely

SaaS business have a golden opportunity they need to take advantage of: It’s easier for them to unde...

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