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NPS for Salesforce

AskNicely surveys your customers automatically from within Salesforce.
Trigger surveys from Salesforce data then segment customers and create processes in Salesforce, Pardot or Marketing Cloud based on results from AskNicely.

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Customer sentiment automagically!

It’s super simple to set AskNicely to autonomously survey a sample of your customers daily in Sales Cloud, or to automatically trigger sending a survey when key customer events occur in Salesforce, including closing a case in Service Cloud. AskNicely’s algorithms protect from survey fatigue.

NPS linked to contact records.

Because AskNicely puts survey results directly into Salesforce tied to contacts, your native Salesforce lists and reports can be used to track Net Promoter Score in real-time. Combine NPS data and other data points in Salesforce to create targeted lists of contacts. Trigger workflows in Salesforce to address unhappy customers or to nurture satisfied customers into becoming valuable repeat business or referrals.

Respond to feedback individually, or at scale.

With AskNicely for Salesforce, account managers can see NPS feedback from decision makers and influencers in their accounts, and close the loop on at risk customers. Use your existing Salesforce case management and assignment workflows to create cases on dissatisfied accounts and prompt follow-up. Because with AskNicely, all your contacts in Salesforce will also have sentiment attached to their record, it’s easy to set up automations to deal with promoters or detractors differentially at scale, even including what marketing content they receive.

Intelligent analysis

AskNicely pulls in custom field data from Salesforce which means any of the leader boards in AskNicely can be filtered by the data points that matter to your business. You can filter NPS results by region, agent, product… in fact by any field you have in your Salesforce sync. From mobile and desktop dashboards for line managers to CEOs, through to leader boards on digital signage for front line teams, AskNicely with Salesforce puts customer happiness front and center.

1,000,000+ NPS surveys a week for the world’s biggest brands (and some of the newest).

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