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SaaStr Annual

Join us in the VIP tent at the largest SaaStr Annual event yet. NPS is always a hot topic at SaaStr so come and meet the AskNicely founders, share some stories and learn our top NPS growth hacks for the SaaS industry.

The Annual is the largest non-vendor confab in the world, uniting the global SaaS community both online and off. We want to help everyone do better, more quickly and with less stress. The SaaStr Annual is your opportunity to join your peers in SaaS — 20K SaaS founders.

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Advanced NPS Strategies Webinar

We'll share best practice strategies for actioning customer feedback, and showcase some of the cool features we’ve just released. You’ll learn how to engage your team in the customer feedback process, outrank competition on 3rd party review sites, quickly analyze feedback and respond quickly to customers.

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Introduction to Candidate NPS

Collecting NPS® (Net Promoter Score™) feedback from job candidates is easy to do and gives valuable insight into your recruiting, interview and hiring process. We'll take you through some examples and show how one question can help you protect & build employer brand, make your recruiting process more efficient and build a database of potential candidates for future roles.

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Useful docs and guides

The Book on NPS - Net Promoter Score

The Book on NPS

Our ultimate guide to all things NPS

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Checklist for better survey responses

Getting more survey responses

A simple guide to how to increase your survey response rates whether you're using AskNicely or not.

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The AskNicely EBook on candidate NPS

The nice guide to candidate NPS

A quick getting started guide to measuring candidate experience using NPS.

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From the AskNicely Blog

Using NPS to build a better candidate experience

When it comes to recruitment it’s not enough to place the perfect person in the perfect role; obviously it helps to get that part right, but it’s not the end of the story. As recruiters, you have a responsibility to your clients to not only find them new employees, but to present them in the best possible light. Nobody wants...

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Surveys Kill Kittens

What is it that holds the internet up? Once you get past Facebook and Twitter and sports results and your company’s website, what’s underneath? What’s down in the engine room, powering the whole thing? What’s down in the basement, supporting the entire structure? Cat videos. That’s right. Cat videos. Those cute, little, furry procrastination machines, larking about with balls of...

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NPS Black Belt Guide – Orange Belt: Picking out the easy targets

Step 4 – We’re sending out some surveys and starting to get some data back – data you can use straight away. Running some early analysis will identify quick wins and obvious problems. Get aggressive – Start analysis early One of the advantages of using a specialized tool like AskNicely is that the software collates results and calculates the Net...

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